ASM Setup Concepts

Our setup concepts generate a new level of flexibility

To supplement classic fixed and family setups with and without changeover tables, our experts have developed new and highly flexible setup concepts for you.

Our software solutions help you to select, simulate and optimize them (SIPLACE SiCluster Professional/SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine) and help your employees to implement them (SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant/ASM Material Manager).

  • Hot swap: The SIPLACE X-Feeders can be installed and replaced without having to stop the machine
  • Based on their unique ID, SIPLACE X-feeders register, unregister and download the necessary pitch information automatically.
  • And based on the information generated during the feeder kitting process, the SIPLACE machine knows which components are set up where
  • The system determines a delta setup at the push of a button. When the product changes, you only need to set up any missing components.

Here is a small selection of innovative setup concepts

  • Random setup:
    You place feeders anywhere. The line adapts automatically.
  • Split Tables:
    Virtual splitting of changeover tables. You set up product B at one end of the table while Product A is being run with feeders at the other end.
  • Fixed tables:
    You consolidate components that are being used for many products on certain changeover tables that stay on the line.
  • Fixed tables on one side of the line:
    You consolidate frequently used components on one side of the line and change the setups on the other side via changeover tables.