ASM DFM HealthCheck

Planning software for schedule-compliant SMT production

The ASM ProcessExpert is the world’s first self-learning inline expert system for electronics production. With the ASM ProcessLens, a highly accurate 5D SPM (solder paste measurement) system, it monitors and controls the printing process. The results of “fractional” experiments can be taken into account manually or automatically. Since all test results are recorded by the ASM ProcessEngine real-time software, the results of current and historical analyses are instantly available.

With the ASM DFM (Design for Manufacturability) HealthCheck, the ASM ProcessExpert uses these results and “findings” in virtual production processes. With the virtual process knowledge base, you can print virtually based on nothing but Gerber data long before you hold the first stencil in your hand or the first board enters the line. The ASM ProcessExpert thus determines the best possible process and printing parameters in advance and is able to point out critical areas in the stencil design that may cause problems later on.

  • Determine optimal process and printing parameters as well as printing equipment through virtual prints on the basis of Gerber data and the knowledgebase
  • Detect weaknesses in the stencil design long before the start of actual production
  • Process reliability without trial and error on the actual production line
  • NPIs without long-term printing process ramp-ups
  • Self-learning system that becomes better with each analysis
  • Stable printing processes
  • Improved yield and significantly more productivity